Baby Bits XIX

Here are some more Baby Bits, for E’s beloved Papa (my dad, his grandpa – Papa is what we call him and E has now latched onto the term)… because there are always more! I just don’t want to bore you with every little time he says something cute… plus there are too many to count…

I forgot to mention a few other skills he picked up at Camp:

  • He can bat his eyes. Sorta. I think it was one of our kitchen staff, who is exactly the sort of pretty young woman E likes to flirt with, who charmed him by looking at him all coy and then batting her eyes. Now if you blink at him, he’ll grin and blink purposefully back. So far about once per second is as fast as he can blink… but it’s still rather charming.
  • He painted his first-ever piece of art in kids’ program – it was a tongue-depressor picture frame that he decorated in minimalist style in shades of grey and mauve. Stunning, in its way.
  • As Amanda pointed out, there’s also the new game his Papa taught him, called Ka-Boom! He lifts his arms up as high as they will go (they do finally reach slightly past his head at this point) and you say “Ka…” and then “Boom!” when he brings them down. It works on a bed or the floor, though he usually uses his own chest. Ideal booming territory is a parent’s stomach, when possible.

Also of note:

  • Yesterday, Sean found him attempting to put his soother into the mouth of his toy duck. SO GREAT.
  • Today, E and Daddy went to the park and had a swing ride, also pretty great. He’s wearing his “2 Cats” shirt from Bar Harbor – today was the first day he realized there were cats on it, and boy, was that a hit.

E on the swing at the park

E on the swing at the park 2





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