Family Camp 2010 at NeeKauNis – Some Favourite Moments

Well, I truly did try on Day One of Family Camp to send out a photo, and couldn’t figure it out from my iPhone. There’s probably a way, but at the time I was cooking for 35 people and single-parenting (lots of help on both counts, but still) so I didn’t pursue it.

There are too many wonderful moments to count, and certainly too many to blog, but here are a few:

  • Two 3-year-old boys and two 3-year-old girls – there was playing and imagination in the extreme
  • Watching babies fall asleep on their moms in Meeting
  • Seeing 6-month-old sleep any old where, and looking like it was the best snooze spot possible
  • Participating in a co-ed dance workshop with an over-30-year age range (incl. one of the 3-year-olds)
  • The sandbox club – trucks and other vehicles choc-a-block, small people everywhere, parents and grandparents surrounding – and tag-team parenting!
  • Being a mom at Camp with two other moms who used to be on staff with me and now bring their beautiful children
  • Seeing daddies arrive, and the joy of their families
  • The genuine excitement of preschoolers on Dress-Up Night
  • Hilarity and awesomeness at Talent Night – especially the 3-year-old boy chiming in as his mother tells the “I Love You Forever” story (his job was to sing the song part, and it was so precious we all laughed and cried at the same time)
  • So many new experiences for E! The glory of the sandbox, a love affair with his 9-year-old soul mate, splashing in waves at the beach, gaining independence as part of the children’s day care program, being snuggled and entertained by all sorts of people not related to him, and adding many new words to his vocabulary (such as tractor, elbow, hairbrush, chair… and he’s now very specifically graduated from “da-da” to “Daddy”).
  • Realizing that once again, for all its flaws and rusticity, NeeKauNis has worked its magic and touched lives.
E in the mud
Mud! Did you know that it's AWESOME??
E and Daddy, reading stories
Lounging and having stories with Daddy
Baby kisses
E and his soul mate - true, requited love
animal amalgam
Impromptu sculpture by aforementioned soul mate


One thought on “Family Camp 2010 at NeeKauNis – Some Favourite Moments

  1. emoley says:

    I forgot to tell E today that I’m hanging out with his soulmate! Or have been, when we overlap, which we’re going to cease to do as of…dinner tonight, actually. I would’ve kissed him on the nose but i don’t think he’d take it quite as well from me.

    So good to talk to you both today! As I’m living, my baby you’ll be!

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