Baby Bits XVII

Here are more photos from yesterday – I got photo-happy all of a sudden.

E eating carrots

Here’s E eating carrots in the kitchen. They took a realllly long time (he’s only got eight teeth).

Baby E drinking from a straw

He learned to drink from a straw at With the Grain! Un grand merci to our server Ashley (sp?) for the idea, since I’d forgotten to bring his sippy cup. (Can’t EVER remember everything.)

Baby E and Auntie Em

With Auntie Em at the With the Grain window, looking at tawhs. I mean, cars. He’s such a boy.

He’s also working on more words. My favourites right now are “applesauce” (“hep-po” is apple, and for applesauce he just adds a random extra syllable or two at the end), “woof” (more like “ufh”) and his kissing sound – he’s learned that we often say “mmwah” when we kiss him, so now he says “mmmma!” Cutiest smartiest patootie I ever gave birth to. ­čÖé

BTW, my least favourite of his new words is “no”. He’s says this whenever he would like me to know that another previously-edible food is no longer satisfactory to him. I knew I would someday pay for his early affability regarding solid food. Still, I wouldn’t trade him – and wouldn’t kick him out of my bed for eating Baby Mum-Mums.


4 thoughts on “Baby Bits XVII

  1. emoley says:

    those carrots were the best ever. he rejected a piece of one early on (blah) and then wanted my one instead, but the two in his fists in this picture stayed with him for the long haul! no choking! no gross mangled carrot corpses! i was very impressed.

  2. Suze Corte says:

    Advice from a former preschool teacher coming up now: don’t keep him on the sippy cups too long. I have had many a speech therapist tell me that they can cause major speech problems. Just a word to the wise. You can probably google sippy cups and get ALLLLL kinds of advice & opinions. Anyway, just wanted to mention that for future reference. xoxoxoxoxo

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