Baby Bits XVI

I probably won’t be doing Baby Bits much longer… once E walks, he’s a toddler, right? Although “Toddler Bits” doesn’t have the same ring. I’ll have to think of something cooler.


Here are some photos from this week.

E and L in the pool
Can you tell which one is E?

We had a visit with a friend (L) on Wednesday. Two little blue-eyed blondies sittin’ in a pool. It was great. And what a contrast! E is all about syllables and words, but L can walk! And he’s a month younger. He had colic and reflux as a small baby, and I think it made him antsy to take life by the horns. (Or the toes, the nose, the hair… whatever.)

And I thought my kid was busy… well, this one showed me. He was in and out and in and out of the pool, walking and tumbling all over the yard, back to the pool, raucous splashing, etc., and E… sat in the same spot in the pool and observed the goings-on. Got splashed, and seemed to like it. Did a bit of his own mini-splashing. I knew he was pretty laid-back, but suddenly it started to seem like shyness. (Though he’s not at all shy with pretty women.)

Baby E in his boa
Sassy for summer

Here’s one from this morning. He went and got the sash from my bathrobe and put it on like this all by himself! And then proceeded to put a bunch of clean laundry on the floor all by himself. As I watched and laughed and took pictures. How’s that for mothering?

Baby E and bear
E and his bear were both zonked.

E, as I may have mentioned, is resisting naptimes and bedtimes “somewhat”. Today he was decidedly un-calm, despite droopy eyes and yawns, so I just clocked him upside the head.

HA! Actually, I simply left him to calm himself. He didn’t even fuss for long, and this was the result. ­čÖé Yay!

And on that note… it’s time for me to go to bed. Stay tuned for more photos soon!


4 thoughts on “Baby Bits XVI

  1. Bev says:

    Of course I can tell which one is E! The one who looks like Sean is E and the one who looks like Carson is the other little guy!

    Good news about the settling himself. Has to happen sometime, and what a relief when it does.

    Toddler tidbits? Toddler tads? tips? tastes?

  2. emoley says:

    i LOVE the scarf photos so much. the posing in this one is super great.

    i watched him take all the clothes out of the dresser last night while he was on the potty and i was on the phone. actually, we were both having conversations. i just don’t know quite what he was saying to the clothes.

    so many great events today! besides sleeping in the crib, there was going downstairs by himself! learning to use a straw! eating carrots on the kitchen floor! watching cars! and so much flirting!!!

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