4 thoughts on “Baby Bits XVI

  1. Bev says:

    Of course I can tell which one is E! The one who looks like Sean is E and the one who looks like Carson is the other little guy!

    Good news about the settling himself. Has to happen sometime, and what a relief when it does.

    Toddler tidbits? Toddler tads? tips? tastes?

  2. emoley says:

    i LOVE the scarf photos so much. the posing in this one is super great.

    i watched him take all the clothes out of the dresser last night while he was on the potty and i was on the phone. actually, we were both having conversations. i just don’t know quite what he was saying to the clothes.

    so many great events today! besides sleeping in the crib, there was going downstairs by himself! learning to use a straw! eating carrots on the kitchen floor! watching cars! and so much flirting!!!

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