Thirteen Months Old – 1 year + 1 month (and 1 day)

I know you all can count. I’m just making the transition between referring to my child’s age in months and in years. I always smile to myself when parents refer to their kids’ ages in months when they’re multiple years old – since your average person doesn’t think in those terms. I figure it still makes sense up to 18 months, and then most people start calculating in their heads.

Anyway! Back to the subject at hand: my awesome son.

Here are some photos – actually taken about a month ago, but they demonstrate how huge he is getting. And honestly, the photos we’ve got from this month… a lot of them are blurry. He’s a much faster mover these days.

Baby E with popsicle sticks 3
Popsicle sticks are a big hit.

Baby E with popsicle sticks

Baby E with popsicle sticks 2

He’s finally learned how fast he can go doing the “proper” crawling, so he’s doing a lot of that. He is also trucking around on his scooter car, and climbing up stairs like a fiend. (Down still needs some help.) Locomotion is just fabulous!

He can “gimme five” – in fact, if you ask, he’ll usually give you several fives in a row. He’s proficient at signing “please” and often accompanies it with a verbal “plah”. He is also working on many words, which he sometimes says quite deliberately in context, and sometimes forgets completely: hat, down, circle, dog, puffs, hot, bear, sloth (stuffed animal, not deadly sin), turtle, etc. He’s even begun nodding or shaking his head to answer questions – suddenly we are communicating! It’s very exciting.

If we let our son do what he wanted all day, he would put yogurt and/or lipstick on everything, eat cat food and splash in the cat water, open every drawer and take things out, pull all CDs, movies, and books off their shelves, chew on remotes and push their buttons, eat my iPhone, and possibly occasionally look at a toy or two. (He does like his new tractors quite a lot – a belated birthday present from his aunt and uncle.)

He is also a sweetheart. A bit overdramatic at times, and has his whiny, crabby moods – but who doesn’t? Generally, he’s smiley and silly and snuggly and a HUGE flirt, especially with pretty girls he doesn’t see every day. Most people who meet him are quickly wrapped around his dimply little finger.

We love love love you, honey boy. ­čÖé

5 thoughts on “Thirteen Months Old – 1 year + 1 month (and 1 day)

  1. Bev says:

    Yay!!!! I knew it was 13 months today – mentioned to Mom yesterday – just didn’t get off the wishes in time.

  2. Auntie CL says:

    yes, Bev and Sue and i all noted the thirteen months yesterday – together.
    but i just want to say: you’ve been communicating all along! it’s just that now he’s learning to do it your way.

  3. diblog says:

    Auntie, of course you’re right. There’s been lots of communication – just not all of it with each other. It’s nice when the current flows both ways.

  4. Suze Corte says:

    my goodness he IS getting big. Look at those long legs! So glad you’re enjoying every minute of him, even with things like splashing in the cat’s water.

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