4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Love a Total Stranger

  1. I had a similar “mental” response the other day at the food court in the mall. Mom and I were there during Dad’s rest period at the hospital. At this point we had driven into town 17 days in a row and sat in the hospital every single one of those days with the exception of said rest period. Anyway, I was walking to one of the food outlets and needed to pass through a large spot in a line to an outlet I wasn’t going to.. on my way past, I said “excuse me” but apparently not loud enough because the lady turned to her young teen daughter and said in a snide tone “Now see, the polite thing would have been to say excuse me” I really wanted to turn and say “Umm.. EXCUSE ME but maybe you need a hearing aid because I did say “excuse me”.. but I didn’t.. I just grumbled for a min and then got my food.. people can be so darned rude..*sigh* Glad we’re not tho! xoxo

    • diblog says:

      Ugh! So annoying. It brings to mind other situations I’ve been in or witnessed where people are just unnecessarily snarky or holier-than-thou or hypocritical… and it’s aggravating. Then I try to remember those times people have been unnecessarily nice or cool to people they don’t even know – because that happens a lot too. Takes all kinds, I guess!

  2. Auntie CL says:

    someone who says “Uh… ‘Excuse me‘ would be good!” is transferring their guilt for having been rude onto you so they don’t have to feel bad, they can blame you instead.
    there are so many people who do things like this (i hesitate to say who ARE like this) – and they probably all do have reasons that aren’t excuses, but i have decided that they aren’t usually worth my time or energy to analyze, respond to, or think about. not that i don’t think about them, but i know they aren’t worth it.
    i know exactly how they make one feel, and that at least for that moment they deserve the appellation “bitch”. i am trying to teach myself not to let them have the power to take away from my day. in that i have a strong tendency to respond, at least inwardly, it is a tough battle with myself, but your story reminds me that i need to keep trying.
    another thing i sometimes do (when i’m being “good”)is find a way to add an extra “nice” moment or act, to balance out the universe against the icky thing that just got added.

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