First Birthday = First Swing Ride

First swing ride – not counting indoor baby swings, of course. In honour of E’s actual birth anniversary, June 8th, we took a trip to the park with a picnic. We had yummy food, and watched bigger kids running around and playing, observed a softball game from afar, and put E in a real swing for the very first time. He grinned his approval right from the first push. (We chose to give him his first cupcake, courtesy of Auntie Em, after the swinging.)

E in June
Dressed snappy (by Daddy) for his birthday.

E's birthday
This is the saucy face! Post-stroller-walk, still on his birthday.
First swing ride
Here's the saucy face again - it's becoming quite frequent!
First cupcake
Having his birthday cupcake - and by having, I mean partly ingesting and partly destroying.

For the record, he is also trying hard for new words, to the point that it’s hard to keep track. He now eagerly imitates (or occasionally mentions, unprovoked) the words shoe, turtle, bear, puffs, flower, and hug… and there may be more. Of course, they’re mostly only discernible from random sounds to those of us who listen to him every day – but seriously, “bear” sounded really good!

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