E Not Liking Grass, Part II: Hindu Gods

I’ve uploaded the sequel to Mission Impossible Baby, just to showcase the diversity of E’s talents. 🙂

Here, he avoids grass by striking poses that you will note are very similar to sculptures of dancing Hindu divinities. In my belly dance class, we’ve been learning some Indian-inspired choreography, and how it’s all about the bends in your body, the angles made by your knees and elbows, etc., that make the dance what it is, that make it beautiful.

Dancing Vishnu
Vishnu dancing
Dancing Ganesh
Ganesh dancing

I think this is kinda beautiful. E’s got lots of bends, just fewer arms and less bling.

This all brings back memories of a Hindu Art class I took in university – fascinating stuff. I did a 10-page paper on the representation of the sacred lotus flower. We also talked a lot about sex in that class, since Hindu art is full of sex, complete with breasts like melons on all the women, and lingam and yoni (both symbolic and graphic) everywhere. Here’s a relatively mild example, just for fun – isn’t it fantastic?

Khajuraho Temple
Sculptures from the Khajuraho temple


3 thoughts on “E Not Liking Grass, Part II: Hindu Gods

  1. emoley says:

    I can’t tell which are arms and which are legs! And is that a crazy-huge dildo???

    At the end of the video it sounds like *I’m* complaining, haha. (Yeah, I do have a pretty hard life hanging out with E all the time.) People may not understand that E channels his thoughts to be spoken through my mouth. Another of his many supernatural talents.

  2. Bev says:

    “I can’t tell which are arms and which are legs!”
    Not to mention whose!

    Also, Everett doesn’t have a trunk!

  3. diblog says:

    Yeah… I think they each have a leg around each other. If you Google images for “Khajuraho”, you will find lots more interesting sculptures – some a lot racier than this one! All tantric and whatnot.

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