Highlights of a Weekend at Camp

I was clerking spring Committee Meeting at Camp NeeKauNis this weekend, and other than lack of sleep on Friday night (I never sleep well my first night in a strange bed), it was full of those moments I relish:

  • Getting hugs from people I love and don’t see often enough;
  • Business meeting going so smoothly that we actually got done in the time allotted – crazy!
  • Fewer chores than usual due to well-attended, energetic work weekends (kudos to the workers, including my Sean);
  • Eating delicious food not cooked by me (I’ve been a Camp cook for so many years that it’s a special treat when I’m clerking instead);
  • A musical coffee house evening with singing, piano, guitar, accordion, ridiculous talent on the part of the young folks – I hope this will become a tradition!
  • Silent Meeting on the hill, lying on my back under the ironwood tree, looking at the sunlight coming through the leaves against a blue sky, focusing on the different bird and insect songs one at a time – one of my all-time favourite activities;
  • My first time seeing a fox up close! A little one, just hanging out by its foxhole near the trail, having a snack, scratching its ear like a puppy, looking at us warily like a cat;
  • Just being there – in a place steeped in many of the best memories of my life, its heartwarming beauty still intact;
  • Watching E charm the socks off everyone he met, having latched onto “Hi” as his new (first!) favourite word and saying it to everyone many times, ending each Hi with a big grin full of cute little teeth. Irresistible. Folks couldn’t help remarking on how personable and easygoing and sweet he is. If I sound smug, well… really I’m just one lucky mama, and I know it.

Birch trees at Camp NeeKauNis

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