Eleven Months Old

Dear E,

This is your last monthiversary before I go back to work – I’ll have a full day of work on your birthday. 🙁 But today, you are eleven months old and you are a wonderful little person!

You are growing and learning so fast it’s mind-boggling. Just in the last couple weeks, you are climbing up on us when we sit on the floor; you are showing signs of wanting to move from army crawling to hands-and-knees crawling (taken a few steps that way on a few different occasions); you love crawling around and getting into everything; you are starting to make sounds associated with specific words – for example, the other day you pointed at the kitty and said “Kee”, and when you see someone’s bellybutton you say “Ba ba”; you have learned to “fake laugh” and have learned to use it to join in on the joke when other people are laughing (of course, often they’re just laughing at your fake laugh)…

Things you love right now:

  • bellybuttons
  • puffed corn (like puffed wheat but rounder – better for you than Cheerios)
  • yarn (Auntie Em is nice and lets you get all tangled up in hers)
  • shoes – not to wear, but to chew on
  • putting things into other things – especially walnuts and corn puffs, they fit into lots of cute places
  • your toy that plays classical themes that we use to distract you on the change table – you are a channel surfer and whip through the seven different melodies lightning-fast
  • splashing in the tub or the pool
  • going for walks
  • your bouncy exersaucer in which you can make lots of noise 🙂
  • apples – you get jealous if someone else is eating a whole apple, even though it’s hard for you to manage one
  • fun music (Mika and Vampire Weekend are current favourites) – when we pick you up and dance with you, you kick your legs all crazy-like
  • climbing on your favourite people, tickles and silly noises and zerberts with them

Baby E, eleven months old

You have eight teeth and you still seem like you’re teething since you drool like a fountain. You are not thrilled with going to bed (naps or otherwise) but you usually sleep pretty well once you’re down. You eat all kinds of different foods, and in the past couple weeks have enjoyed raisins, arrowroots biscuits, and letter cookies for the first time.

We are teaching you to be gentle, because you like touching things and sometimes you hit people in your eagerness without realizing it’s rough.

You are ridiculously adorable and charming. When you decide to flirt with people, they don’t stand a chance. Sometimes when you look up at us with your wide eyes, or smile and nod for your own reasons, you are so beautiful and precious that it’s almost unbearable.

It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, you were still in my tummy and we’d never met you in person. We sure were eager and excited to meet you.

We are so, so happy that you’re in our lives.

Baby E waving, eleven months old

5 thoughts on “Eleven Months Old

  1. emoley says:

    Also, you talk A LOT! And very articulately…we think. We just don’t know what you’re saying. But you have a huge vocabulary. When you try to speak English you’ve got the B and the C (K) down, which fortunately start most good words.

    You’re delighted to see yourself on the camera playback, and you love the phone. You try to eat it whenever someone wants to talk to you, and today when Grandma was on speakerphone (right after those photos were taken!) you were fascinated and momentarily distracted from trying to lick the phone but then pressed 6 instead.

  2. emoley says:

    (Why do I look so pained in the picture? must be something wrong with the camera. Though E looks right…he must be immune…)

  3. Bev says:

    For Everett: Grandpa and I noted your 11th monthaversary today, too! Doesn’t seem like almost a year. (Probably would to you, if you knew what a year was.) You’ve been busy! Got so much done! Congratulations!

    For Di: I love this blog! And this post!

    For Em: I don’t think you look pained – but if you do it must be something I’m saying!

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