E’s First Time at the Pool

Yesterday, E and I, along with Auntie Em and three mom friends of mine and their little ones, went to the pool!

It was E’s first time playing in water other than his bath – I know, we’re a bit slow off the mark with this one. Lots of babies E’s age have been to all kinds of classes by now. Music, Mother Goose, Swimming, Yoga… and we have not. Perhaps I will someday regret this lapse, when it becomes clear that I held my son back at a crucial time in his life, and he pays for it with mediocrity… but I doubt it. I’m pretty sure E will be brilliant at stuff, and we have lots of fun.

Anyway. We took footage, since Daddy was at work and we were all curious to see how he would react to the water. I think you will agree that his reaction as a “thumbs-up” regarding splash time! The video is a bit on the long side, you know, for the grandparents. We did do some dunking later, and he was such a good sport about it all.

What on earth did we do for entertainment before there was a baby in the household??

2 thoughts on “E’s First Time at the Pool

  1. emoley says:

    what are you talking about, no classes?? he gets private lessons all the time! (sometimes 2 to 1!) Singalong aerobic dance classes (to Raffi, Mika and Vampire Weekend)… climbing (on auntie’s lap, down the kitchen step, all over daddy) class… say lots of random weird stuff class… zerbert mommy’s tummy class… percussion (aka clap someone else’s hands together) class…

    plus he’s pretty good at giving his own lessons too. i signed up for the stern facial expressions and pointing class.

  2. Auntie CL says:

    “what are you teasing me for, Mama?? i want to get my whole body down into that great stuff and i don’t need to do it gradually–!!”

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