AND First Dunk.

Here’s the other key part: the first two dunks! They say that if you blow in your baby’s face, he’ll hold his breath for dunking.

It worked for us. It was darn cute! I was so proud of how E took to this whole pool thing like a PRO. I think it’s because Daddy pours water on his head in the bath, so he’s unfazed by water on his face. And to think, he hated his first few baths!

first baby bath at home

5 thoughts on “AND First Dunk.

  1. Quinnsies says:

    Omigosh, that is SO cute! Way to make me giggle while at work (watching with no sound). What a little patootie!

  2. bd says:

    Heheh…we used to introduce dunking that way at the AAC; they ALL do the cute little arm-wavey leg-pedalley thing!

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