Cute Baby Learnin’ Skills with Daddy

Yay, it’s video day!

Actually, it took quite a while to find success with this… I’ve had to venture into the world of YouTube so that my huge, HD videos can be accessible to y’all. I’m going to start with just one, and if it works, there will be another one tomorrow. Okay?

This one, from April 20th, demonstrates how much fun and learning can happen during potty time.

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  1. OOPS never mind. different naked potty video. less screeching, more nuts.

    🙂 i know, that IS the best tagline for a movie EVER.

  2. OK.


    Now little E will never have a *chance* of getting one of those lucrative executive positions with a multinational corporation.

    And you did it.

    p.s. On second thought, he *might* have a shot with Walnut Corporation.

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