Top Six Moments from Today, in Chronological Order

  1. E’s insistence, during potty time, on seeing Mama’s bellybutton and then launching himself forth to give zerberts;
  2. E’s shifting expressions of confusion, incredulity, and delight when, just for shiggles, I put the cap from his bottle on my nose;
  3. E’s shifting expressions of confusion, incredulity, and disgust when presented with a rice rusk that had been tragically (and accidentally) rinsed along with the lettuce (rice rusks are not known for their strength or integrity);
  4. Having dinner outside, in a sunbeam, at our mammoth picnic table, and watching E enjoy the weather and proclaim the conclusion of his meal by delicately dropping peas off his tray into the grass;
  5. An early evening walk, taking pictures of flowers to the sounds of birds and baby commentary;
  6. My adorable hubby getting mixed up while trying to do “Eenie meenie miny” and somehow only coming up with “Eenie miny mosby… eenie miny… wait… what is it?” (Yes, we’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother, so I think it was gonna be a joke, but turned out much funnier than that.) Just like his son, he’s just so DARN CUTE when he’s confused. 🙂

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  1. you forgot “moany” ! I’m pretty sure somewhere in there was a moany Mosby. Which is not inaccurate.

    Moment 1 was fun for me when I came in to see it in progress and got looks that seemed to seek approval following each belly-attack. very good times (on the potty).

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