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1. No more stitches for Dilovely! My finger is far more comfortable (and less scary) without them. Though, if I’m honest with myself, the scar is looking more serpentine than lightning-boltish (uh-oh… that’s not the symbol we were looking for)… but whatever. I’ll reserve judgment until it’s healed.

2. E’s new favourite thing: APPLES. You give him one, he will caress it, lick it up and down, maybe even pierce the skin (did I mention we’re up to six teeth?), and shriek like a dentist’s drill if you take it away. We gave him some peeled apple chunks to gnaw on and he just stuffed them both in his mouth and smacked on them. Ineffective, but cute.

3. E’s other new favourite thing: shrieking. I know I posted a video of screechiness, but this is different. He’s not sick anymore, but seems to be having a rough week nonetheless; maybe it’s teething angst finally setting in? It’s the kind of week where he gets ALL IN A TIZZY if

  • we lie him on the changing table
  • we take away his apple
  • all his Cheerios are gone
  • he’s bored
  • we guide his arms into his sleeves
  • he decides it’s just been too long since the last bout of shrieking.

4. The weather is zigzagging about in classic March fashion.

5. It’s two months exactly until I go back to work (half-time, thank goodness). Yikes.

6. GGG Book Club has finished A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore – to be reported on soon – and this month is smut month! Stay tuned!

7. A wee blog post is brewing regarding a certain right-wing firebrand who looks like a Barbie doll and apparently doesn’t like the taste of that medicine she makes. Again, stay tuned!

And that’s the news for Wednesday, March 24th. Have a (di)lovely evening, everyone.

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