33 Years Old, and Nine Months Old – and one day.

Happy Birthday, beloved husband! Happy nine months and one day, best baby ever! Here are some terrible “poems” for you (and please remember, I love you way more than these cheesy rhymes can express):

He has eyes like the sea after a storm,

He is the expert in the field of Snuggles,

He keeps my feet and my heart warm,

And never fails to elicit chuckles.

He’s brilliant, learns fast, and remembers all,

His colleagues all adore him.

His mind is so full of thoughts large and small

That no moment could possibly bore him.

He’s a wonderful daddy, caring and fun;

It’s thrilling to watch this and be his wife.

It fills me with joy to look at father and son

And know we’ll be family for the rest of our life.

E and Daddy, March 9th, 2010
Thanks for all your awesomeness, boys.

Baby E, every moment watching you grow

Is like a gift I can hardly believe.

You’re such an adorable boy, even though

You fuss when I put your arm in your sleeve.

Your teething cheeks are round and rosy,

Your giggles make us ridiculously happy.

We promise we’ll always keep you safe and cozy,

But you’ll have to tolerate when I get all sappy.

You both light up my life!

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