A Tribute to the End of an Era

Dear K, as we no longer share a house…

Here’s to beer and coffee, never all gone;

To handmade barbecue stands and wood shelters;

To the infinite uses of a flatbed truck;

To garbage day, all sorted out;

To things mown and shovelled;

To decorative breakfasts even though you don’t eat breakfast;

To countless computer questions answered and wireless hookups created;

To silly songs that used to be hits but now have new wonky lyrics;

To fire bowls and lawn chairs;

And to Christmas trees magically appearing in the living room.

Dear L, for (let’s face it) almost the same reason…

Here’s to delectable nut loaf, gorgeous French onion soup, fantastic crepes and omelettes and roasted veggies;

To fences mended (literally) and yards looking beautiful;

And to songs and movies and recipes and conversations shared.

Dear both of you,

Here’s to ridonculous amounts of love freely given to Nicodemus, Ramona, and especially Munchkin Bum;

And to hundreds of amazing photos of them.

Finally, on behalf of Munchkin Bum,

Thanks for the clicky shiny silver-encrusted fingers, entrancing facial hair, beautiful contagious smiles, and even more love. Thanks for taking care of my parents when they brought me home and really needed it.

Merci. And remember, as always… you’re welcome.

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