Thank Goodness for the Wisdom that Comes with Age

Here’s what passes for adult conversation in the baby house:

Sean (pretending to be offended by a good-natured jibe from Auntie Em during our first full game of Settlers since E’s birth): “Shut your pie-hole!”

Em (with faux naïveté): “Ooh, there’s pie?”

Sean (with the subtlest hint of dejection): “Yeah, but it’s in a hole.”

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for the Wisdom that Comes with Age

  1. emerge says:

    1) nice accentage, Di!

    2) it must be noted that I WON that game of Settlers. And traversed the land from coast to coast. Even without pie.

    3) the thing i said today that E liked the best was “day day day day day.” (not counting the high-pitched whining to LAGQ. that was a grinny winner.)

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