Baby Bits IX

Bedtime was a tough sell tonight.

We are trying to figure out when to phase out the evening catnap, and since E has been resisting his catnap the last couple evenings, we thought maybe he’s telling us he’s done with that. Last night it worked okay, but tonight he just got all over-wiggly. Took quite a while and several different techniques to get some real calm.  At one point, as we sat quietly in the dimly-lit living room with Auntie Em, we grown-ups were discussing his cuteness, and how it wasn’t going to work on us, we were unmoved by it. You’re going to bed anyway, mister.

So he looked up, ingenuous, wide-eyed, impossibly adorable, put a tiny index finger to his lips, and made a noise that sounded EXACTLY – and Auntie Em can vouch for this – EXACTLY like “Cute?”

He is pretty charming with that index finger, so delicately and carefully placed. I think I shall never tire of this E.T. bit, where you put out your index finger and E carefully matches his up.  That is, he will probably tire of it long before I would.

E and Mama, end of January
Leaving me hangin' to flirt with the camera
end of January
Leaving me hangin' to look angelic
end of January
Finally, I am redeemed

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