Baby Bits VIII

What a lucky mama I am!  My baby:

  • is generous – he now offers me his soother in between his own soothing needs, and seems genuinely delighted if I accept – so delighted that he’ll do this many times in a row;
  • is talented – he can be holding and sucking on his duck (sounds like a euphemism but isn’t!) and at the same time, kicking his singing ball with his feet to make it light up;
  • has a sense of fun – I’ve mentioned that he strums everything, which includes his own lips, and he’s just discovered the hilarity of strumming my lips – what a jokester;
  • is just a wee bit cute – he can wear his aunt’s hat with panache (élan? éclat? aplomb? brio?) and has the confidence not to waver even if his dad says the look is a bit fruity…
E in Em's hat, January 2010
E, mushroom-style

That being said, it must be admitted… I do not win the race for a title. Dooce won hers, but in this house, E has been saying “Dadadaddada” for many of his waking hours the last two days.  He doesn’t even make an mmm sound, try as I might to encourage him.

Oh well, I’m not bitter.  I get other things.  Like when I was away for eight hours (the longest I’ve ever been apart from him) on Saturday and E had fun with Daddy but when I got home, he was visibly excited to see me and got all jiggy with his legs.  It was awesome.

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