Baby Bits VII

Bébé E n’aime pas:

the sound of breath whistling through a metal cylinder.  Sean was trying to dry out the column of his fountain pen by blowing through it after washing it today, and E started to cry.  He tried again a bit later, and the sound was so upsetting to E that Daddy had to go into the bedroom and shut the door to do his pen-whistling.  The things that make children afraid or sad are often inexplicable… poor little dickens.

Bébé E aime:

strumming.  He likes to strum, with his fingernails, everything he can reach, especially the canvas upholstery on the couch and the wood of the chair behind him when he’s in his booster seat.  I guess it should have come as no surprise when, this morning after his first liquid feed of the day, he got a grip on my breast with one hand, and strummed my nipple with the other.

P.S. I got a pretty, pretty phone.  With it, I took this picture, tweaked it, and sent it to myself.  Haaa!  Crazy techmology.

E, ready to go out

3 thoughts on “Baby Bits VII

  1. emole says:

    Ah, les Di-dis!

    Tantie E aime: bebe E. I love it when he strums my hands.

    He looks like wildlife here. A frog or cheetah or something else pouncey.

    Love that your techmology consists in equal parts of robot phone and fountain pen.

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