Baby Bits IV

What a day today!  E had:

  • Long, awesome naps (like yesterday’s – exactly coinciding with the increased calories… hmmm).
  • LOTS of rolling – especially after he was supposed to be asleep but was too excited – he would roll to the edge of the couch and his auntie would patiently scootch him back, like a conveyor belt.
  • Plenty of screeching like a baby pterodactyl, his latest fun activity.
  • Brilliant, magenta food!  Wow.  (Butternut squash + beets.)
  • And the best part… sitting!  He went from a second or two this morning to many seconds in a row this afternoon.  He be honin’ dat skill!  And not even making a big deal of it – we’re all exclaiming and he just looks at us like, “Yeah.  I like these socks,” or whatever.

2 thoughts on “Baby Bits IV

  1. emibonjour says:

    EEEE! baby pterodactyl! i love that so much, but i wonder where he gets it from! i mean, i guess it’s something all babies do, but it’s not so much an imitation of grownups talking. (ok, well, maybe i do that SOMEtimes.) he’s just So Vocal! it’s awesome.

    and plus also: today when he woke up from morning nap and was all like, i’m awake, i’m playin’, i’m squeakin’, doot-do doo…. it was like the mirror / bookend of this evening when he was all like, i’m awake, i’m rollin’, i’m screechin’, no sleepin, no sirree!

    you have an absurdly good-natured baby. but you knew that. 🙂
    thanks for lettin me hang out with him.

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