Seven Months Old

I cannot believe how time is flying!

When I look back at the photos and videos of my baby E from a few short months ago, I am amazed at how much he’s changed.  It is both heartbreaking and exhilarating.

He is so full of life and fun, and I am so blessed to be in his presence every day.  How amazing that such a short time ago, he didn’t exist!  Creation of life is a crazy thing, almost too miraculous for us plebes to be allowed to do it.  (Although I guess we don’t do it alone.)

Anyway, back to this special day!  E is napping right now, but before that, we played on his mat, did peek-a-boo, had another nap, did some exercises together, played with the animals on his new booster-chair-tray insert, and had rice cereal, butternut squash, and peach-apple puree.  He can alllmost sit on his own (he can for a few seconds if he grabs his feet for balance).  He rolls all over the place, both directions.  He likes to flick things with his fingers, with kind of a “wave bye-bye” motion; things he especially likes to flick are mirrors, the blue blown-glass ball in our living room window, the Monet print (Antibes) above the sofa, and the photo in the kitchen of the chimp with his mouth wide open.  He is also in love with tags, and seeks them out (where the rest of us didn’t notice them) and chews on them with determination and ardour.  He still breastfeeds, and most of the time doesn’t bite me.  We feel pretty sure his two bottom teeth are soon to be joined by more, because of the gushing of the drool.  And last night, I brushed those teeth for the first time, with a rubber finger toothbrush and swallowable apple-banana toothpaste (Christmas gifts from my sister and her honey).

Of course, the best things are the smiles and chuckles and looks of pure wonderment, elicited by different things each day.  I hope that these images are engraved in my brain forever, so I can always call them up if I need a reminder of the worthwhile-ness of life.

Sigh.  Lovelovelove.

Sean and E
Daddy with E, three weeks old
Di and E
Mommy with E, seven months old

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  1. yay! 🙂 don’t forget ALL THE SQUEAKING! 🙂 he is a champion sing-talker. and the jolliest of jumpers. non-stop entertainmentifying.

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