Random (some important, some not) Items

  • E is six months old today!  He remains the cutest baby in the world.  In fact, a guest at my first official “away” Pampered Chef party (chez ma soeur) said to me, “You have the cutest baby!”  I told her I agree, but I’m biased, and she said, “Feel good thinking that!  He really is the cutest.”
  • In honour of being six months old, E was in fine form: rolling over both ways like a pro, gradually scootching himself over a space of several feet to play with all the different toys (including the phone) in turn, eagerly and adorably eating three tablespoons’-worth of rice cereal, peeing in his potty (he hasn’t been doing this very often lately), saying lots of words we don’t understand, smiling and laughing at appropriate times, jolly jumping with panache… and, as usual, overwhelming his parents with his awesomeness.
  • Since I mentioned it, my first Pampered Chef show for a host other than myself went very well.  My sister is a classy host and had yummy snacks (multicoloured cherry tomatoes, different kinds of olives, little dill pickles, baby beets, artichoke hearts, and then halva and figs later on – mmmm!) and lots of beverages and an apartment decorated in a quirkily gorgeous way.  Her friends are foodies and although not many of them could attend, they were highly enthusiastic about making (and eating) pizza with fun kitchen tools.
  • There is a winter storm warning in effect for my region right now… and I can feel, although I am not teaching right now, a deeply ingrained anticipation, empathetic hope for a school closure – even though this practically never happens.  (More often, they just cancel buses, which barely affects our student body.)
  • I hope the ground is white tomorrow.  I LOVE waking up to white roofs and lawns.
  • I got a haircut today, first one since the week before E was born.  (Wanted to wait until the insane post-natal shedding period waned.)  I love my hairdresser – she is a former belly dancer at my old studio, and has a baby almost the same age as E, and has never disappointed me in the coiffure department.  Including my wedding hair.
  • My hubby and I are going on a date tomorrow!  Vegetarian sushi, and then off to see John Ralston Saul speak.  Yay!  My parents will be here to play with E.  Can’t wait.
  • Also, Dr. appointment for baby tomorrow morning.
  • I really like the smell of our new laundry detergent.
  • This week I’m going to improvise some egg nog muffins.
  • I’m also going to make applesauce.
  • I’m also going to see to Christmas cards.  Soon.
  • The wind is howling!  It’s starting!!  (Gosh, I hope this date thing is going to work out in spite of the weather…)

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