Well, shoot.

Now I’m all grumpy.

I just logged in to find that the post I spent a long time writing yesterday I somehow neglected to publish… and then when I went to get it, less than half of it was there.  Now I don’t feel like writing the rest of it again – that post has passed.  So let it be known that I DID blog yesterday.  It was all about the late, great Tracy Hogg, aka the Baby Whisperer, and how I love her book and how she has basically all the answers and a great style that’s no-nonsense but full of love for babies.  Even if it’s not all the rage with hard-core attachment parents.  And how I’m especially grateful to her right now because while the world has many different “cry it out” methods and many parents who feel obliged to use them, Tracy offers a different approach that would never have moms, with their biological imperative to comfort their crying offspring, leave their babies alone to cry, even for short periods.  Whew.  Because I hope never to have to do that.

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