Time for Early to Bed

  • Another tough day.
  • When I say “another tough day”, I’m aware that a tough day as E’s mama is actually a walk in the park and I have no call whatsoever to complain
  • Still, I’m tired and have a sore throat
  • I just want to do right by my little boy but I know he didn’t get enough naps today
  • Even when he’s tired he’s a sweetheart
  • I got very little done today other than working on those naps
  • The greatest: my hubby eliciting belly laughs from E, in spite of everything
  • Almost as great: E’s big grins whenever he watches someone brush their teeth
  • Very busy week ahead, will I manage it all?
  • Time for bed for all!
  • That means my new adventure will have to wait for tomorrow’s post 😉

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