Actually, it's November 8th. Today.

I don’t know why, but my blog records all my posts as a day later than they actually are.  Like somehow I can see into the future?  Write the future?  (“It’s like I have ESPN or something!”)

So today is November 8th, and my little baby (“E”) is five months old.  Already!  And he truly is the best, most cutest, awesomest baby ever, anywhere.  Everyone who meets him falls under his spell.

Today’s Best Moments:

  1. Waking up with happy baby, looking into his gorgeous baby blues.
  2. Drum trio choreography for the show (in less than two weeks) finally coming together!  It’s going to rock.
  3. Diving into a loaf of fresh chunky cheese bread.
  4. E’s cuteness in new blue argyle BabyLegs.
  5. E’s uber-cuteness in Jolly Jumper.
  6. Chats with good friends who love my son almost as much as I do.  And take pictures.
  7. Super-steerable stroller + E + 17C + sunny/brilliant blue sky.
  8. Hugging my hubby upon his arrival home after a weekend away.
  9. Seeing E’s contentment sitting in his daddy’s lap after a weekend apart.
  10. All E’s usual little things: happy breastfeeding noises, post-prandial “singing”, heavy eyelids on the way to Napland, grabbing own toes in fascination, smiles and giggles and more smiles.  I even treasure the spit-up, poop leakage, and crying, because I know the truth: I’m the luckiest mom in the blogiverse.  Or anywhere.

Happy Five Months, my baby love. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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