What a healthy fad this is.

I’m just realizing something as I think about writing a blog for the first time.

Everyone out there who has decided to write a blog is journalling. And that’s great!

I’m like Oprah. (Okay, I’m not really much like Oprah at all, but go with it.) I always recommend writing what you’re thinking or feeling, especially when your mind is jumbled. Since I was very young, writing in my diary has been my way of figuring out how I really feel, making decisions, letting off steam, ordering my thoughts.

Nowadays, I have little time for my handwritten journal… and a part of me is very sad about that. But putting words on a page is still putting words on a page, and still accomplishes much.

And look at this!! A whole universe of bloggers, putting words on pages. Clarifying their minds. GOOD FOR YOU, bloggers! This is very good exercise. Be proud.

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