The Toddler-Wizard Gag Reel

As promised… the Tiny Potter outtakes! The secret is revealed: his focus – and his discipline – are not as perfect as they look in the edited version. *** [subscribe2] SaveSave Related Posts:My kid is going to Hogwarts for sure.Toddler Tracks: VocabularrificThe Dilovely New Year Questionnaire for 20175-Day Artist Challenge Postponed Due to Hogwarts Sorting IncidentA Smiley Video for a […]

My kid is going to Hogwarts for sure.

I know you guys have read a lot of sad posts lately, for which I’m eternally grateful. But how about a smiley post for a change? If this one doesn’t make you smile, I’ll eat a Bowtruckle. I’ve been thinking about this wee project ever since the spring, when we were on a hike with Grammie and Papa and E […]

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