Preschooleristics: Buffet of Quotables

My three-year-old is a child of many faces. These days, E alternates between jollity and tragedy with the dizzying finesse of goldfinch in flight. I know I was just complaining about this very thing, but I must admit we enjoy the way he makes us laugh, even whilst we want to tear our hair out. In his more coherent moments […]

First World Problems – preschooler edition

My son was so sweet as a young toddler. Happy, affectionate, compliant, funny. You could just eat him up. Then he turned two, and indeed became a two-year-old. Now he’s three-and-a-half, and I thought the “terrible twos” baloney was supposed to end. Instead, we’ve got a throbbing case of threeyearoldism. It’s a rare day he doesn’t melt down half-a-dozen times. […]

Summer with a three-year-old

I think 2012 was the fastest summer in history. Cliché or not, I don’t know where that time went. It seems like it was June yesterday… and yet, there’s been lots of summer weather, lots of time at the park, lots of splashing and sand-playing, lots of ice cream. I know we did the whole thing. I can’t deny that […]

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