Raising a Daughter in Scary But Hopeful Times

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with an old friend whose family was expecting their third child: a daughter, after two sons. [Actually, I started this post more than a month ago, and as it happens, said daughter was born TODAY, early this morning! So read on, in honour of wee baby EC’s Read More

100 Happy Days – Day 33: Pink Snowsuit

This morning after taking E to the bus with me, AB thought she’d visit our neighbour’s driveway. She even ventured all the way to his front steps. I asked if she was going to come inside with me or go live with Steve. She said nonchalantly, “Yep. I’m gonna go live with Steve.” After a few minutes, she Read More

Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #3: “Piglette”

I always kinda felt like Piglet should be a girl. He’s SO CUTE, and wears pink, and seriously, the only other girl in Winnie The Pooh is Kanga, right? Someone else should be a girl. Anyway. As an adult, I appreciate that Piglet bent the gender a bit with his choice of attire. As a Read More