#NaBloPoMo, Day 10: Walking

Today, I’m grateful for the ability and opportunities to walk. This morning was one of those mornings I’m not proud of, as a parent. I woke up at the normal time. AB, as has become her custom, came into my bed right around the same time, and we had a really nice little snuggle. When I began rousing the kids […]

First World Problems – preschooler edition

My son was so sweet as a young toddler. Happy, affectionate, compliant, funny. You could just eat him up. Then he turned two, and indeed became a two-year-old. Now he’s three-and-a-half, and I thought the “terrible twos” baloney was supposed to end. Instead, we’ve got a throbbing case of threeyearoldism. It’s a rare day he doesn’t melt down half-a-dozen times. […]

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