Five Years to Miss You

Dear Sebastian, It’s now five years since your birth day; five years and about thirty-seven hours since your heart beat last. There is something about this year that has made my baby memories extra-vivid. I have thought of you so much this spring. I feel your days coming the first time the weather gets hot. Despite seemingly constant over-busy-ness in the last two […]

The village that raises my children

Family Camp 2013 at Camp NeeKauNis:   Where there was ALWAYS sand in my bed. Where we scored the luxury of a cabin with a bathroom (thanks for being a baby, Baby AB!). Where Sean was able to be with us for four happy days. Where we ate three home-cooked meals a day – none of which was prepared by […]

Eight Random Things with Dazzling Segues

Yep, it’s after ten on a Wednesday night and I’m gonna DAZZLE y’all. With some random things connected by pure awesomeness. After all, my claim of brilliant segues last time was… oh wait. They were fair-to-middling. Anyway. 1. It’s black raspberry season. BEST THING EVER. As kids, we used to scale the cliffs near our house and slither right into […]

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