Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #17: Cozy

It’s getting cold these days, and it smells like winter out there. Here are some warm and snuggly fashions… from the last time it was cold (so, like, half a lifetime ago for the model in question).

baby in snowsuit
Li’l bear snowsuit – on loan from our friends since E was a baby.
E baby snowsuit
See? That’s (not-so-big) big brother, same snowsuit. (Sometimes even I can’t believe how much they look alike.)

homemade baby sweater
Auntie Em knitted this gorgeous sweater for Baby AB; Baby’s clearly thrilled to wear it.
I want one in my size.
Even better avec chapeau.
We call this one “Baby-Wan Kenobi.” Jedis know: rainbow socks are good luck.
Don’t worry about tangles. She’s got the force.
And she’s using it on you RIGHT NOW.



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Baby AB’s Fashion Blog – Issue #2: “Paris Daisy”

Today on Baby AB’s Fashion Blog, we feature an absolutely fabulous sweater, handmade by a lovely expert-knitter friend (who also happens to be Skye’s mom).

This ensemble comes from November. I dressed Baby AB for her six-week photopost and propped her up so it would look sorta like she was sitting. She was just barely starting to be smiley.

Paris Daisy
Six weeks old in Paris Daisy.

I call it “Paris Daisy”, not just because of the Paris-pink colour and adorable daisy buttons, but also because she looks très chic, n’est-ce pas? Additionally, it’s possible that the gorgeous texture is some version of the waffle stitch, which as you know takes me back to my European days. Tralala.

Waffle stitch? Belgian, perhaps?

Just so you know, the pants she’s wearing were also a gift from a good friend; they have a red heart on the bum. Sweet.

Now here’s a li’l bonus video from just yesterday: Baby AB learned to clap her hands! Together! (Big brother helped.) She is STOKED about it.



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