Autumnal Adventures, Part 1: Picking Apples and Petting Animals

It says a lot about autumn’s charisma that I still love it even though it means the end of summer. I adore the open windows, bare feet, long evenings, singing crickets, and picnic-table dinners of summer. But then there are fresh apples, brilliant leaves, woodsmoke, and cozy sweaters, so it all works out.

In the case of the Sunday we went to Westfield Heritage Village and Myers Apple Farm, it was actually not sweater weather, it was gorgeous summery weather. PLUS the autumn colours. Awesome.

It was one of a series of Harvest Sundays at the Village, with animators in period costumes, speaking in first-person (with only a few li’l anachronisms) about their lives as settlers.


What a beautiful day for some high-quality heritage.


A wee corn-husk doll from the small building known to have housed an Aboriginal family.


Sometimes I think about having no such thing as plumbing. I am very grateful for plumbing.


Remember how this post is partly about petting animals? Some of the animals were actually just skins with heads.


Fun fact: this church had to be cut into pieces to be transported to the Village from Mountsberg. It’s been nicely reassembled.


Ticket from the Jerseyville train station! Which was operational until the ’60s. (It also served as Avonlea train station in Kevin Sullivan’s productions of “Anne of Green Gables” and “Road to Avonlea”.)IMG_7142

Ahh. So picturesque that I had to take pictures.


The druggist was the most interesting stop on the tour. He demonstrated how he made capsules and moulded pills; he showed how the turnkey works for pulling out teeth; and he explained all about the morphine, cocaine, and heroin that were used for pain management. In the good old days.


In the caboose! No seat belts.

It’s a really nice time. They are open this Thanksgiving weekend too, if you live in the GHA or Wellington County.

And bonus – just down the road, you can pick apples!


What a beautiful day for apple-picking. (And it really was – practically everyone went apple-picking that day. Or at least two other parties I know of.) And delicious apples they are, too. Empires and Spartans.


There are also goats, chickens, sheep, kittens, etc., that are pretty friendly.


AND, the best part of this whole day, which AB repeated to everyone who came close enough to hear: “THE BIG HORSE PEED!”


I think she thought she might get lucky enough to see a mini horse pee too. No such luck though.



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Apple Farms: Almost as good as the fair.

Last weekend, we went to the apple farm with Papa and Auntie Em. I was hoping for a late Pick-Your-Own opportunity, but the farmers said that since the frost, they weren’t recommending picking from the trees. (Even though the apples on the trees looked beautiful to us.)

E and Mommy at the apple farm

We sold E on the outing by telling him there would be animals there. And indeed there were! Though he didn’t care much about the apples, he did get very excited about the horses, the rabbits, the pigs, the chickens… and the tractors. (Well, truthfully, he was a little scared of the horses.)

horse at the apple farm

E at the apple farm

lop-eared rabbits

When Daddy and our friend K arrived, having been on another errand, E ran around excitedly, telling them, “I’ll show you the chickens, okay? I’ll show you the tractors, okay?” He’s big on showing people stuff. As soon as you show him something, he’ll turn around and show you, as if he discovered it. We humour him because it’s so cute when he makes his eyes really big.

We’re glad we live in a region with lots of agriculture, where we not only have a local farmers’ market but lots of smaller places you can get fresh-from-the-ground produce. E likes seeing vegetables he recognizes, and he enjoys the ambience in general. (Last time we went to the market in town, he was heard to say, from his vantage point on my back, “It’s lovely at the market!”)

So this was a pretty cool adventure. Good ol’ autumnal family fun.

Naturally, E zonked right out on the way home. Thanks for the photos, Emi!

E asleep in the car***



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