The Apocalypse is now… and the kids know it.

It’s Monday, and the 2018 Climate Conference in Poland (COP24) is in full swing. Seems as good a day as any to talk about the Apocalypse. I’ve been hesitating on this writing, because I understand that a blog post about the world as we know it going down in flames is… a bummer of sorts. Read More

Such Outrageous (Good) Fortune

I mentioned I’ve been absent from school twice within the last two months, for a week at a time. There are only good reasons for this, and this is what I wrote (and didn’t manage to post) when I came back from the first one – a rare and wonderful reunion of my dad’s side Read More

Is “a bit of fresh air” really worth it?

Let’s take a walk! What could be more invigorating, more wholesome, more beneficial for body and soul? I can take the kids, we can all get some fresh air, and the baby can have a nice lung-cleansing nap. On Wednesday I took my children for a walk around the neighbourhood. We have been graciously handed Read More

Toddler Tracks: Everyone Poops

I would like to apologize for my neglect during the last week-and-a-half… but I know you’ve heard it all before. Like election promises, it’s starting to sound hackneyed. But just know that when I’m not writing to you, I’m thinking of you. And I miss writing to you. E has really been enjoying the book Read More

Toddler Tracks: Lit Fan, Media Junkie, and all-around Weirdo

I’ve realized a large percentage of what E says on a daily basis is a quote from something. Usually a book. Here are some examples: “Crank, crank, up the ladders. Slide the pole. Hose, people, firemen!” (From The Fire Engine Book. These aren’t verbatim excerpts… but we get the gist.) “Nice to meet you. Seahorse. Read More


Technically, this would have been my first day of work, but since my principal was kind enough to condense my schedule, I will only be going in three days a week for now. It’s hot today. It’s surreal to think I’ll be at school tomorrow. It will be REALLY hot at school. Top floor, 90-year-old Read More

My Least Favourite Parenting Question

Okay, folks. Don’t take this as an accusation if you’ve ever asked this question of a parent – I may have asked it myself before becoming one… but please, don’t ask me if my baby is sleeping through the night. I know why people ask: they want to inquire about how things are going, out Read More

Highlights of a Weekend at Camp

I was clerking spring Committee Meeting at Camp NeeKauNis this weekend, and other than lack of sleep on Friday night (I never sleep well my first night in a strange bed), it was full of those moments I relish: Getting hugs from people I love and don’t see often enough; Business meeting going so smoothly Read More

How do you recognize a baby’s first word?

E has been doing a lot of verbalizing recently. It’s sophisticated language, full of complicated syllables that seem quite significant, especially when accompanied by his earnest nodding. I can’t help but wonder what he’s saying – or if it’s like when you’re a kid and you write lines of scribbles because it looks like grown-up Read More