Dilovely’s 90s Coming-of-Age Playlist, Vol. 2

Hello again, lovely 90s music fans! If you read Volume 1 of my coming-of-age playlist and thought to yourself, “But, hey… what about so-and-so?”, take a look below and see if your special band/artist is there after all. As stated in my previous post, there is still no Nirvana (although if there were, it would Read More

Canadian Christmas, Vol 1: “New” Stuff – Dilovely’s Playlist

Merry Christmas Eve, lovelies! It’s time for a playlist, based on the Canadian Christmas song list I made for myself last year. I was inspired by a couple of relatively recent, unique holiday-themed songs I’d heard that I liked. Which sounds overly obvious, but let me tell you: I do not adopt new Christmas songs Read More

Bill Wurtz: a prophet helping us through the pandemic

You know how humans turn to music to keep them going during tough times? That has been very true for our family during the pandemic. In our house, Bill Wurtz is one musician in particular who has helped us the most in this long, stressful year. Last spring, our son E (who was ten at Read More

Sing In the New Year

Happy New Year, lovelies! It has been an emotional New Year’s for us this year. Many mixed feelings, and lots of gratitude in spite of everything. Here is another example of Dilovely’s infinite nerdiness, in the form of rounds. Some call them canons; like Row, Row, Row Your Boat, one person starts the song and Read More