I’m 45 and working on making friends with aging.

On May 11th, it was my birthday – forty-five trips around the sun, as they say. I’d say 45 puts me pretty firmly in middle age. I have many thoughts about my current stage of life, and since it’s my belated “birthday post” (I actually started this post more than a year ago, when I Read More

Why I Love My Bullet Journal

Do you know about Bullet Journals yet? If you’re into self-organization trends, you probably do. That is to say, you probably heard about them way back in 2016 or so, when The Bullet Journal was an actual trend. Now it’s been long enough that it’s no longer trending, per se, but has settled firmly into Fad Read More

Dilovely’s 90s Coming-of-Age Playlist, Vol. 2

Hello again, lovely 90s music fans! If you read Volume 1 of my coming-of-age playlist and thought to yourself, “But, hey… what about so-and-so?”, take a look below and see if your special band/artist is there after all. As stated in my previous post, there is still no Nirvana (although if there were, it would Read More

The New Year Questionnaire – a look back at 2022

Here’s the New Year Questionnaire! As per tradition, not even close to “on time.” (Though not as late as some New Years.) Also – shorter than it used to be, and adjusted this year to be a bit more contemplative, inspired by my amazing cousin-sister Quinn at The Retreat Space. AND… guess what, I’ve been Read More

Giving Blood Might Be More Rewarding Than You Think

A couple of weeks ago, I made my 46th blood donation. That might sound like a lot if you’ve only given blood once or twice or never, but it’s not nearly as many as my younger sister has done (73 at last count). Or my mom, who has done 131 over the decades and was Read More

Dilovely’s New Year Questionnaire for 2021

Here we are! The fresh (2-week-old) new year of 2022! Off to a roaring start with Omicron. A friend of mine on Facebook was reflecting this New Year’s that at the end of 2020, we were so happy to see the year finish, full of hope for an end to the pandemic. Then, 2021 crushed Read More

New Year’s Questionnaire for 2020: The Year The World Stood Still

It’s always fun to post a piece so late that it’s basically irrelevant… Sigh. (And this piece would still be waiting to be finished if it weren’t for the long dentist appointment the kids and I had last week that gave me an hour in which I couldn’t work on report cards.) At least I Read More

Some Leftover Gratitude for 2021

Hi, lovelies, Happy New Year! You might have noticed that I was going strong with my gratitude posts for almost all of November, then suddenly posted nothing at all for more than a month. Yep. In case you wondered, it doesn’t mean that I had no gratitude during that time. Quite the contrary, I was Read More

Useful Items That Do Their Jobs – Gratitude Day 24

You know when you have an item called a “shoelace” or a “windshield wiper”, where its job is right there in the name, and it just has that one job to do… and it DOESN’T DO IT? It’s supposed to be useful, and then it isn’t. That is a pet peeve of mine. Then there Read More

Winter Wonderland Snowfall – Gratitude Day 22

Today, I am grateful for the beautiful snow we’re having. Isn’t it great how snow lightens up the world right when you need it most? Just like how shade also offers itself right when you need it. Normally, we don’t really get into the Christmas stuff – music and decorating etc. – until December. The Read More