Baby anecdotes

Well, shoot.

Now I’m all grumpy. I just logged in to find that the post I spent a long time writing yesterday I somehow neglected to publish… and then when I went to get it, less than half of it was there.  Now I don’t feel like writing the rest of it again – that post has passed.  So let it be […]

words for my guys

dearest baby mine my mama heart is captured by your tiny teeth *** wonderful husband as father you shine double in your son-mirror *** together mornings wake with sunshine in our eyes Snuggles family. *** Related Posts:A Very Special One-Year-Old and His MomHappy Second Birthday, Rainbow BabyHappiness and the Multi-multi-multi-tasking BrainHaiku About my KidsJourney to the two-child* family

Time for Early to Bed

Another tough day. When I say “another tough day”, I’m aware that a tough day as E’s mama is actually a walk in the park and I have no call whatsoever to complain Still, I’m tired and have a sore throat I just want to do right by my little boy but I know he didn’t get enough naps today […]


Bit of a tough day today. I guess no first-time parents get everything right.  We love our children to pieces and want them to be happy, so I believe almost everything we do with them is well-intentioned.  But then, sometimes what the Baby Whisperer would call “Accidental Parenting” comes into play. E is five months old, and he has always […]

Actually, it's November 8th. Today.

I don’t know why, but my blog records all my posts as a day later than they actually are.  Like somehow I can see into the future?  Write the future?  (“It’s like I have ESPN or something!”) So today is November 8th, and my little baby (“E”) is five months old.  Already!  And he truly is the best, most cutest, […]

Hee hee…

Secret’s out! That is to say, my lovely blogtacular sister knows I have a blog, because I commented on her blog while (b)logged in as my blogself.  And then she wrote about it on Facebook, so who knows who will know next?? Funny, because I was already thinking about writing today about how I’m not good at keeping secrets.  I […]

A few of today's thoughts

It occurs to me that I might seem conceited to choose the user name dilovely.  I wanted to emphasize the love part, since I’m very aware of love, and like to make sure people hear about it when I love them.  Okay? Wait, why do I care if the ether thinks I’m conceited?  Shoot, I guess even in this anonymous […]

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