A Smiley Video for a Happy Frozen Friday

My kids love the movie “Frozen.” Like almost all kids. And I’m not ashamed to say that I also love it; I’ve probably seen it a dozen times and I could still cry every time, if I let myself. I will most likely go on about the reasons why another time. For now, here’s two-year-old AB’s side Read More

A little note to my favourite two-year-old

Dear E, Yesterday, we went to the hospital. No big deal for us – you’ve been to the hospital several times recently because Daddy has follow-ups for his surgery. You like it there; there are elevators, and a tree of balloons outside the gift shop. You especially like the parking meters. (E: “There’s the meter!” Read More

Help! My two-year-old is out to destroy my sanity…

Apparently it’s World Gratitude Day today. (I’ve never heard of this, but Care2 told me. I bet Oprah started it.) I started today feeling as ungrateful as I have in ages, all because of that wonderful kid I love so much. It seems unfair to gripe about him when I’ve been collecting bits of bloggable Read More

A Two-Year-Old’s Bedtime Stories

I’m pretty grumpy. A) I’ve just spent the last hour-and-a-half trying everything I can think of to get my toddler to sleep (I guess I should be glad he usually goes to bed without incident, but we didn’t get to that stage without a fair bit of work); B) I was trying to write a Read More