Preschooleristics: 8 (or 10) “Close But No Banana” Quotables

1. “Look, Mama! There’s another digger at the instruction site.” 1b) “Let’s go see Auntie Beth in her impartment.” 1c) “Why do you have a doctor’s impointment?” 2. “I just typed a lot of prepostrophes.” 3. “When are we going to cook something on the barbecube?” 4. “Can we play Trevor Pursuit?”* 5. While playing Kingdom Rush: “We’re going to […]

Preschooleristics: 7 Quotables from a Mysterious Brain

Sometimes, the things that pop out of E’s mouth make me think he was some kind of poet-guru in a previous life. Like his words have deep meanings that I don’t fully understand as a regular adult (or have forgotten from my own previous life). Then again, maybe they’re just random. 1. “You know what happened? All the animals live […]

Preschooleristics: 9 Quotable Math Moments

Please note: I’ve been compiling quotations ever since the last one, so some of these come from the 3-year-old E, and some from the 4-year-old one. Just to be clear, since four is important. Recently, we’ve noticed that he’s picking up on learning about numbers, size, speed, and measurement. 1. While playing with his Hot Wheels (every one of whose […]

Preschooleristics: Buffet of Quotables

My three-year-old is a child of many faces. These days, E alternates between jollity and tragedy with the dizzying finesse of goldfinch in flight. I know I was just complaining about this very thing, but I must admit we enjoy the way he makes us laugh, even whilst we want to tear our hair out. In his more coherent moments […]

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