To My Son on His Second Birthday

Dear Everett, Today you are two years old. As I begin to write this, it’s 9:27 p.m., which means that at this time two years ago, you were four minutes old. I knew right away that the 45 hours of pain I’d just finished were well worth it, and I feel that way more than ever now. Your daddy and […]

Toddler Tracks: Recent Quotes and Conversations

Here are some examples of sentences and conversations I’ve collected from my son over the last couple of months. You’ll notice that some of them seem quite random, while some of them show just how much he’s paying attention to things… * Standing all wobbly on this bed, arms out for balance, grinning, still wearing his sleep sack and trying […]

Notes on the Mid-Pregnancy Ultrasound

Last Wednesday, we had our 20-week ultrasonic anatomy scan of Baby #2! Over the years, I’ve worn my share of medical/hospital gowns, but this one took the cake. The WORST GOWN EVER. Tissue paper poncho that’s only shoulder-width, so you have to try to hold onto the edges to keep from flashing your whole bottom half to the world, unsure […]

My List of Excuses

Okay. So here’s why I have been so shamefully neglecting Blogland. 1. Report cards, a.k.a. “Where the @#*! did all this unmarked work come from?!”, a.k.a. “Why the @#*! didn’t I do this marking earlier?!”, a.k.a. “How is it possible that I have half as many students as usual and somehow it seems like more work?”, a.k.a. “In heaven’s name, […]


Technically, this would have been my first day of work, but since my principal was kind enough to condense my schedule, I will only be going in three days a week for now. It’s hot today. It’s surreal to think I’ll be at school tomorrow. It will be REALLY hot at school. Top floor, 90-year-old building, no air-conditioning. I’m kinda […]

Eleven Months Old

Dear E, This is your last monthiversary before I go back to work – I’ll have a full day of work on your birthday. 🙁 But today, you are eleven months old and you are a wonderful little person! You are growing and learning so fast it’s mind-boggling. Just in the last couple weeks, you are climbing up on us […]


Take a look at the new project! I’m very excited about this, even though there aren’t any stories on it yet. There will be, très bientôt, I promise. I already have five in hand (if you count my own) and many more on the way. The moms who responded were so enthusiastic, it was all the more inspiring for […]

Happy Holiday!

Sorry for my silence the last few days… dearie me, where does the time go? Just wanted to pop in and say, Happy Special Weekend! Whether you’re …celebrating the resurrection of Jesus …recovering from Passover dinner …hunting for coloured eggs …doing colouring contests (they still have those, right?) …partying in honour of Hans Christian Andersen’s 205th birthday …hiking in the […]

Hee hee…

Secret’s out! That is to say, my lovely blogtacular sister knows I have a blog, because I commented on her blog while (b)logged in as my blogself.  And then she wrote about it on Facebook, so who knows who will know next?? Funny, because I was already thinking about writing today about how I’m not good at keeping secrets.  I […]

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