Dear Rainbow Baby

Dear Rainbow Baby, You have been living inside me for almost 34 weeks, and I’m so thrilled you’re there. Your Daddy and brother and I love you very much, and you have already made us very happy, just by doing your thing: kicking and moving around, and growing. In a few more days, you will be at the same point […]

Post-Camp Roundup Fantastico

Hi, Everyone! Although there’s always some culture shock when I come back from Family Camp, it’s nice to be here, in a lot of ways. And nice that thanks to my smarty-phone, my email inbox (though largely neglected) is not in complete chaos, and I was even able to post you a li’l post with a pretty picture in it. […]

Where I find I can’t organize my brain to write a blog post

I am taking a page from Daddy Runs a Lot, who titles all his posts starting with “Where I…”, because this way, I don’t have to be pithy. Also, I am taking a page from my erstwhile blogself, who used to write about whatever came to mind without trying to organize or craft or incorporate glints of awesomeness. I’m too […]

right where i am 2012: one year

I first read the writing of Angie, of still life with circles, last summer, during my first tentative steps into the baby loss blogosphere. I was very moved by this post I read of hers at Glow in the Woods, a blog for babylost parents of which she happens to be the editor. Last year she created the “right where […]

The Baby Name Game

I’m always amazed when parents (-to-be) are able to agree on the name of their impending child many months ahead of time. I know two expectant couples, both due to have daughters in August, who had names ready (boy and girl options) even before they knew the sex of their baby. They make it seem so simple. For me (and consequently […]

To my baby daddy

Dear Hubbibi, Thanks for being you. YOU are a fantastic father – an absolute natural. Thanks for being a Daddy who… … timed my contractions for hours and never failed me during a hard labour that took forever… … never lost your cool during a freaky labour that took almost no time at all… … begets really cute children… … […]

Baby #3 is getting the groove on

Yesterday was our 19-week anatomy scan for baby-in-progress. How cute is our baby? THIS CUTE. But it looks more human. The ultrasound technician was very young-looking. She asked if this was our first ultrasound at the hospital, and I told her we’d had a 12-week scan and an ECG. I don’t know if these technicians know how nerve-wracking it is […]

Why I Love My Midwives

As you know, baby-in-progress and I are receiving shared prenatal care from a renowned hospital ob/gyn clinic and our midwifery team. (All of this care is covered by our socialized medicine in Ontario. Thank God.) I’d like to dedicate this blog post to my midwives, because they simply rock the casbah, on so many levels. The Myths of Midwifery I […]

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