Just for shivers…

I had something else I was planning to write about today, but then there’s this. (Sean found it, being the primary internet troller of the household.) It’s simply too bloggable to wait, especially on the heels of that last video. a) Doubt? Inhibitions? Ignorance??? Chemicals fix those!!!!!!! Why didn’t we think of this before?? Women need not have any problems […]

Capitalism: A Love Story

Today, Sean and I watched Michael Moore’s most recent documentary, “Capitalism: A Love Story”. Now, maybe I live under a rock (well, a baby I rock), but I wasn’t even aware this film existed until Sean brought it home. It’s possible that buzz about the movie was squelched a bit… but I don’t want to jump to conclusions. It’s about […]

We interrupt this broadcast…

I said planned to do Laminated List Part II next, but these news stories cannot wait. They’re not exactly breaking news… though I can’t deny they’re broken. Sean and I sit here wondering: has the real world traded places with the alternate reality of The Onion? Here’s Story #1, complete with horrible pun in first line: An Israeli lawmaker is […]

A Little Sympathy for Ann Coulter

Poor Ann Coulter. Upon her recent visit to Canada, not everyone was polite to her. The more I’ve pondered her situation, the more I’m sure that some terrible things happened in her childhood. Before last week, all I knew about this woman was that she was an American right-winger with a tendency to say and write inflammatory things. This week, […]

BANG Book Review – A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore

Our latest GGG book club pick, A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore, was pretty much a unanimous “not recommended”. Overall, the gals were disappointed. Before getting into that, I will say that although I didn’t love the book, I did enjoy it. I did not find it boring or hard to get through, and I didn’t skim large […]

Top News Stories

1. No more stitches for Dilovely! My finger is far more comfortable (and less scary) without them. Though, if I’m honest with myself, the scar is looking more serpentine than lightning-boltish (uh-oh… that’s not the symbol we were looking for)… but whatever. I’ll reserve judgment until it’s healed. 2. E’s new favourite thing: APPLES. You give him one, he will […]

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and Canadian Pride

I know the Olympics in Vancouver have been over for a long time. I’m gonna write about them anyway because it’s MY blog… and people are still talking about it regardless. And the Paralympics are still to come! Plus, I’ve now gone through a grand Olympic struggle to get this post up… working on it while one-and-a-half-handed (MOTL), and then […]

On Being Canadian

Last night, as per my date plans, I attended a “lecture” On Being Canadian by John Ralston Saul with my hubby (after a delicious and wonderfully uninterrupted, if slightly rushed, sushi dinner).  I say “lecture” because his style isn’t at all professorial, preachy, or read-y… but more on that later. It must be mentioned that before he took the stage, […]


Just to reiterate… it’s November 11th.  And interestingly, it’s 11 pm as I begin this post.  (Definitely not the “last post” though – haha.  Sorry.  Not a joke.) Oops, I didn’t mean to start off all irreverent, especially since this post is about Remembrance Day and how I take it very seriously.  I really do.  As a teacher, I make […]

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