Tragedy and Evil / Hope and Resurrection

It’s been a week of religious tragedy. When news got out about Notre Dame burning last Monday, this ubiquitous, media-worthy word – “tragedy” – sprang immediately into the headlines and conversations of the day.  It was unthinkable that such an iconic structure could be filled with flames, at that very moment. I have been to Read More

I’ll keep my multicoloured Friday, thanks.

So, apparently some Canadian retailers are trying to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon. I’d like to state, for the record, that I OBJECT, for the following reasons: It doesn’t make sense. Most Canadians have NEITHER the Friday after American Thanksgiving NOR the Friday before Canadian Thanksgiving off (for the purposes of frenzied consumerism or Read More

If I Had (Half) a Million Dollars

Did you ever play “If I won the lottery” when you were a kid? Or a grown-up? My best friend and I played it pretty often when we were kids, despite the fact that we didn’t buy lottery tickets. I still play the game sometimes, even though my only lottery participation is through scratchable cards Read More