Top Tens by Dilovely and Son

Top Ten Things Dilovely is stoked about this week (in random order): E in overalls.  I mean, seriously, can he get any cuter? Guelph’s Rainbow Chorus 15th anniversary concert last night.  Pretty songs, solid harmonies, vibrant colours, happy (gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and friends) people, community spirit out the wazoo.  Plus snacks.  Did you know Guelph is the only non-major-urban-centre […]

Hats Off to my Grandmas and Grandpas

I am presently reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – a novel.  I am not far along, but already I have found myself thinking of my grandparents, and all the women and men of their generation, and shaking my head in amazement. This book is set in the U.K., shortly after the end of World War II.  […]

Shiny Happy Homes

When I was a kid, I spent many hours making drawings of my “dream room”.  Items were numbered, with a corresponding list below of the cool features, such as canopy bed with fort capabilities, large highly organized desk space with own computer and journals and art supplies galore, own telephone, own television, door to own balcony, walk-in closet/club headquarters, and […]

Undulating Perspective

Funny how quickly an outlook can change. As with most people, I imagine, depending on how much sleep I’ve had, how much exercise I’ve gotten, my blood sugar level, how many hugs I’ve recently received, how long I’ve listened to crying that day, the stress levels of my loved ones, etc. etc., my perspective on life sways wildly on the […]

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