Baby Bits XXII

E is starting to use words in conjunction with each other, to refine the concepts he can communicate. It’s pretty cool! He started with “chair pop”, when one of the bubbles we blew popped against the lawn chair; then there’s “nose hole”, one of his favourite things on himself or anyone; and the other day it was “mouse shoe”. (The […]

Baby Bits XVII

Here are more photos from yesterday – I got photo-happy all of a sudden. Here’s E eating carrots in the kitchen. They took a realllly long time (he’s only got eight teeth). Related Posts:Toddler Tracks: Baby AB and the Snackalicious JourneyThings to be grateful for when travelling with small childrenMommy’s in the DoghouseThe Anatomy of a Mum-MumWatch out for swiftly-growing […]

Why I Love Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin is the author of The Heart of the Matter, Love the One You’re With, Baby Proof, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. Her novels aren’t considered great literature – it’s what you would call “chick lit”, but I own all five of them and find them not only readable, but re-readable. Why I love Emily Giffin: Her writing style. […]

First Birthday = First Swing Ride

First swing ride – not counting indoor baby swings, of course. In honour of E’s actual birth anniversary, June 8th, we took a trip to the park with a picnic. We had yummy food, and watched bigger kids running around and playing, observed a softball game from afar, and put E in a real swing for the very first time. […]

How do you recognize a baby’s first word?

E has been doing a lot of verbalizing recently. It’s sophisticated language, full of complicated syllables that seem quite significant, especially when accompanied by his earnest nodding. I can’t help but wonder what he’s saying – or if it’s like when you’re a kid and you write lines of scribbles because it looks like grown-up cursive writing to you, even […]

Traduction anglaise

I was thinking perhaps I should provide a translation of these Valentine verses (especially since my hubby and prime Valentine has great mastery of only certain words in French), and then I had an idea for an experiment. How about I try my hand at translating… and then let the InterWeb have a go… and see which one we like […]

Que nous puissions vieillir ensemble…

Lorsque tu seras vieux et que je serai vieille Lorsque mes cheveux blonds seront des cheveux blancs, Au mois de mai, dans le jardin qui s’ensoleille, Nous irons réchauffer nos vieux membres tremblants. Comme le renouveau mettra nos coeurs en fête, Nous nous croirons encore de jeunes amoureux; Et je te sourirai tout en branlant la tête, Et nous ferons […]

On Being Canadian

Last night, as per my date plans, I attended a “lecture” On Being Canadian by John Ralston Saul with my hubby (after a delicious and wonderfully uninterrupted, if slightly rushed, sushi dinner).  I say “lecture” because his style isn’t at all professorial, preachy, or read-y… but more on that later. It must be mentioned that before he took the stage, […]

NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo. (DoWiSeTrePla?)

How auspicious!  I have started blogging, just by coincidence, during NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month.  All I have to do is blog every day… no problem!  (Way easier than if I had to jog every day.  I am just not a runner.)  Of course, I missed a couple days there, but I can do some extras on the end, right?  […]

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