Talking about anatomy with a preschooler

Sean and I have always used the scientific words for certain body parts when talking with E. There are reasons for this. For one thing, we both know that personally, we would feel like tools if we used words like winkie and hoo-ha or whatever. (This is why I never got the immensely popular “Once Upon A Potty” book for […]

Summer with a three-year-old

I think 2012 was the fastest summer in history. Cliché or not, I don’t know where that time went. It seems like it was June yesterday… and yet, there’s been lots of summer weather, lots of time at the park, lots of splashing and sand-playing, lots of ice cream. I know we did the whole thing. I can’t deny that […]

BANG Movie Review: The Artist

SPOILER ALERT: If you have managed to hear NO information about The Artist, and would like to see the movie with unawareness intact, stop reading now. If you already know the “thing” but don’t want the plot spoiled, don’t worry. I won’t reveal any secrets. I was recommended to see The Artist by Auntie Em, and she refused to tell […]

Toddler Tracks: Folk Tales

Sorry for the six-day postless void, dear readers. I’ll blame report cards. (Speaking of dear readers… all the cool blogs replace the word “readers” with something funkier. I’m thinking we must also be cool. What should we be?? Send me your suggestions, please!) E has some new words. One of the special ones he’s learned since Christmas is gyroscope, because […]

School Snippets: Stuff that made me smile today

It’s December! I wasn’t planning to blog today. I was all like, whew. November’s over. Then when I got home, E was out gallivanting downtown with Auntie Em, so I went to pay the bills. Then I felt rather stressed, so I thought a blog post might do me some good. Just a little one. (Along with hazelnut Baileys and […]

Toddler Tracks: More Cuteness

How about another round of toddler quotables? After the last time Grammie and Papa babysat, they left us a two-note written report: 1. Papa: “Let’s have a little noseblowing lesson.” (Gets out his hankie.) “Look.” (E. pays no attention.) “Look!” (E still pays no heed.) “Watch this trick!” (E looks up right away; Papa blows nose loudly.) E: “That’s a […]

Toddler Tracks: More Recent Quotes and Conversations

Okay, I’m seriously overdue for one of these posts. The word “recent” in the title is relative – a lot of these quotes are from the summer or before. And really, he says quotable things ALL the time, but these are the ones I’ve managed to note down. It’s a marathon… there are so many, I’ve had to categorize. [BTW, […]

11 a.m., 11/11/11

I took a gamble and brought my kindergarten class to the Remembrance Day assembly today, just after 11 a.m. We had talked about it beforehand, especially the minute of silence, and I think they were excited to take the challenge. I told them I’d spoken to the principal about it, and we both believed they could handle it. And they […]

To My Son on His Second Birthday

Dear Everett, Today you are two years old. As I begin to write this, it’s 9:27 p.m., which means that at this time two years ago, you were four minutes old. I knew right away that the 45 hours of pain I’d just finished were well worth it, and I feel that way more than ever now. Your daddy and […]

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