Baby Barfs – I mean, Baby Bits III

Landmark day: E’s first projectile vomiting of solids!  Woo hoo! He did seem to be eating an awful lot for dinner, but he has been doing so well with this that we didn’t think anything of it.  Mashed peas and potatoes with a bit of canola oil (we realized a couple nights ago that he should be getting more fat […]

Hats Off to my Grandmas and Grandpas

I am presently reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – a novel.  I am not far along, but already I have found myself thinking of my grandparents, and all the women and men of their generation, and shaking my head in amazement. This book is set in the U.K., shortly after the end of World War II.  […]

A Nice Day

It’s been a really nice day. It was mild and kinda sunny, with a balmy breeze.  I would not have approved of this twenty years ago, because I would have been clamouring for snow, but right now I’m okay with it. My hubby had a day off, so we had croissants for breakfast and played a bit of cribbage.  We […]


Just to reiterate… it’s November 11th.  And interestingly, it’s 11 pm as I begin this post.  (Definitely not the “last post” though – haha.  Sorry.  Not a joke.) Oops, I didn’t mean to start off all irreverent, especially since this post is about Remembrance Day and how I take it very seriously.  I really do.  As a teacher, I make […]

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