Baby Milestones and Inevitable Comparisons

Had a mom-date today with a friend of mine and her son, who is a month younger than E. It was a fun day – watching them interact was fascinating, just trying to imagine what they’re thinking. That being said, it was impossible not to compare the two blond, blue-eyed little boys. Baby L, although younger, is literally leaps and […]

Kudos to you, single parents.

Baby is sick today. There’s been copious evidence coming out both his ends, starting at pre-dawn… sheets changed, baby’s clothes changed, mama’s clothes changed, plenty of other laundry, an extra bath… several short naps, some eating, some dozy awake time, some serious (but highly successful!) potty time, and even some periods where he seemed totally back to normal, smiling and […]

Adventures in Surgery

On Monday, I had my surgery: removal of what was apparently a benign giant cell tumor on my left middle finger. It was a fabulous adventure, let me tell you. On the way to the hospital, with my poor mom driving, we fell into a Twilight-Zonesque dream where you first can’t seem to find the place you’re going, then find […]

A Totally Random Question

Have you ever had a baby upchuck almost his entire carefully homemade dinner because of an immature gag reflex, and upon observing the warm, still-very-fresh food that looks exactly like it did on the way in, fleetingly think, I could just re-feed him this! I haven’t, not me. No sirree. But if you did, don’t you think you’d feel a […]

BANG Movie Review – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Review By A Normal Gal I know many many people have already seen this film, since it was in theatres forever, but I don’t get out much. Oh well. Here’s what I liked: Robert Downey, Jr. as Sherlock. Yum (and I’m not usually into “older” movie stars… but wait, he’s only 13 years older than I am… I […]

Baby Bits XI

I wonder if this is a common problem. Apparently, I’ve got a baby with too many plans. As I write this, I feel quite sure this is a common problem. Tracy Hogg (the Baby Whisperer) even said so, and what a relief to see it in print: at this age, you just need to “ride out the inconsistencies”. We’ve basically […]

Let's indulge in a nostalgic moment

Here’s the challenge: Share a memory you have that links a person and a song in your mind, preferably: way in the past having to do with someone you LIKED, like that For example: Here’s a memory I have of the first boy I ever kissed, at age 13, in the summer of 1991. We were an official couple for […]

Eight Months Old – and one day

Dear E, Yesterday, you turned eight months old. You’re such a big, strong baby! Can’t believe we’re here already. You are transitioning out of your evening catnap, as I think I’ve mentioned, and your daytime naps have been shorter this past week. Too much business to get done to waste time sleeping, I guess. But yesterday you celebrated your eight […]

A Tribute to the End of an Era

Dear K, as we no longer share a house… Here’s to beer and coffee, never all gone; To handmade barbecue stands and wood shelters; To the infinite uses of a flatbed truck; To garbage day, all sorted out; To things mown and shovelled; To decorative breakfasts even though you don’t eat breakfast; To countless computer questions answered and wireless hookups […]

Baby Bits IX

Bedtime was a tough sell tonight. We are trying to figure out when to phase out the evening catnap, and since E has been resisting his catnap the last couple evenings, we thought maybe he’s telling us he’s done with that. Last night it worked okay, but tonight he just got all over-wiggly. Took quite a while and several different […]

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